Being merciful can be defined as giving good that is undeserved. Anyone can give people what they deserve, but it takes someone full of Jesus to give good to people when they don’t really deserve it. Revenge is quite unattractive–saying “you mistreated me, so I’m going to mistreat you”. Mercy says “you mistreated me, so I’m going to forgive you, restore you and treat you as if you did nothing wrong”. What a blessing it is to be able to receive and give mercy. It’s an attribute of God’s character that is seen in how He deals with His people. Mercy accepts and blesses us. It’s good to us when we may not deserve it. And, it understands our weaknesses and does not judge or criticize. We all need mercy on occasion and the best way to get it is to get busy giving it away. You reap what you sow–give mercy and you will receive mercy. God Bless. Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”


About byroney39

I wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding Love, Acceptance, Joy and Peace. If I can help someone, then I shall.
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