Clean Slate

Why not get out all the past-due accounts you have kept on anyone and mark them, “paid off”? This does not mean that God does not see the sin. It means that because of love He does not charge it against the sinner. Love can acknowledge that a wrong has been done and erase if before it becomes to big in the heart. Love does not register a record of wrong; this way resentment does not have a chance to grow. Some of us worry about our memory, but in truth we should probably get better at forgetting. Sometimes we have it all backwards–we forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget. Perhaps one of the most God-like things we can do is to forgive and FORGET. The reality of “I can forgive but I won’t forget” is this: if we cling to that painful memory, we are not truly forgiving. How are we supposed to forget things that have hurt us? We must choose not to think about it. We need to focus on things that will benefit us. Clearing your records will produce good results. It will relieve pressure, intimacy between you and God will be restored and your joy and peace will increase. Resentment builds walls. Love builds bridges. God Bless. “Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.” Romans 4:8


About byroney39

I wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding Love, Acceptance, Joy and Peace. If I can help someone, then I shall.
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